Vantangiyas villages get electricity nearly after 100 years

Although Vantangiyas made it to the voters’ list a few years after enactment of Forest Rights Act, these settlements were bereft of everything else simply because they were not given ‘revenue village’ status. However, chief minister Yogi Adityanath, who has been fighting for rights of Vantangiyas as an MP for nearly 20 years, gave ‘revenue status’ to 23 settlements in Gorakhpur and Maharajganj as a Diwali gift last year.With a visit to village Tikonia-3, TOI explores how life has changed for them over the past year. The biggest change in the lives of Vantangiyas after getting revenue status is the presence of electricity, a direct result of which is introduction to smartphones and television. “Two families in the village have managed to buy televisions. We all gather to watch it everyday. It has given us hope and aspirations. Many people also have mobile phones now. Earlier, the few who had phones had to travel at least 3-4km to charge them. Everything seems so easy now,” adds Chinkiya.

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